What is a divorce attorney? He or she is a lawyer you hire to handle all legal aspects of your divorce such as division of financial assets, child custody, alimony payments, visitation rights, and more. It is generally accepted that hiring a divorce attorney is usually an expensive undertaking. That’s why pro bono divorce lawyers are beneficial where paying for a lawyer represents a problem.

Get Legal Help without Any Fee

A pro bono divorce lawyer will take care of the legal matters of your divorce without payment from you. They do it voluntarily because unlike in criminal cases, divorce lawyers in Ohio are not appointed to you by a court.

Divorce Attorney

Finding A Pro Bono Lawyer

How do you find a pro bono divorce lawyer? One way to obtain one is through federally funded programs. These are programs that are subsidized through federal grants for low-income people.

Charities are another way to obtain pro bono help with divorce matters. These are nonprofit organizations that offer legal help with divorce for not only low-income people but also senior citizens, immigrants, battered women, and more.

Another way to get a pro bono divorce lawyer is to check your state bar association. Along with lawyers who work for a fee, listed on these associations are lawyers who will work on a pro bono basis for divorce matters.

Another resource to look into is law schools. Although you’re working with law professors who oversee law school students, these students can give you valuable legal counsel to facilitate your divorce, because you do not have to have an attorney to get a divorce. Therefore, this is particularly helpful if you choose to do a DIY divorce but seek to do it with some legal knowledge along the way.

There are many options for getting a pro bono divorce lawyer. Take some time to research the possibilities that are out there.