Divorce is probably one of the most common legal procedures today. It is actually fairly easy to do. However, like in anything else, there are rules to it and requirements that must be met before a divorce proceeding can start.

Keep in mind that divorce laws vary between states, this list just provides a quick overview of things you need to remember.

  • Residential Requirements – The rules vary in this regard, however, most states require that the parties involved must be residents for at least six months. It would serve you well to know the actual requirements for your home state.

Of course, there are also states that have no residency requirement provisions to speak of. Some people flock to these states to acquire a quick divorce.

  • Spending Time Apart – In some states, couples are obligated to undergo a separation process first. This means having to live apart for a certain length of time, depending on your state. The idea behind this is that time apart could help the parties work on their issues separately and may even lead to a reconciliation.

These are just a few of the basic requirements as stated by the divorce law. Of course, it would be wise to consult with a divorce lawyer before anything else.

If you’re considering divorce we highly suggest consuming a divorce lawyer near you.