Divorce is a serious situation. It demands the full attention of those involved. After all, important aspects of your life are about to be changed for good.

If that is the case, then why is the divorce meme so popular?

The quick answer to that is that not all divorcees are self-serious. Many are still able to find humor in their situation. However, we posit another possible explanation, that these people are often baffled by the sheer exhaustion they experience from the ridiculous process of drawn-out court battles and depositions. The only way to deal with it is by making it one big joke.

To give you an idea how complex and overwhelming it can be, this article gives you an overview of the divorce process. Hopefully, this can shed some light on why the divorce meme is so popular.

Divorce Basics

In simple terms, divorce is the legal document which formally dissolves the marriage and puts it to an end. Its final result is that both parties are no longer legally bound to each other. At the end of it, they can do what they want. They can enter into new relationships or even remarry if that is their wish. However, divorce can be rather complicated because it is not just about two people no longer wanting to be together. More often than not, it ultimately goes beyond that.

During the divorce proceedings, several pertinent issues will eventually need to be addressed. For instance, there is the matter of who gets to take care of the children, and who has custody over them. On top of that, visitation rights also have to be set. So, there is also the question of how often can the other party see their child. That is not all, however, there is also the question of splitting the marital assets and debts, not to mention the matter of alimony. These are all important matters that need to be resolved. Of course, in the end, it is a matter of how your case is handled and how the judge sees the matter.

Types of Divorce

There are basically two types of divorce, one that ends amicably and the other that does not. Obviously, the latter creates a whole host of problems and this is what leads to the absurdly long court proceedings. That said, if they want to avoid the headache, couples should try their best to work on a compromise that is agreeable to both parties.

Explaining the Popularity of the Divorce Meme

Divorce is often a long and drawn-out battle between former lovers. The whole process can be expensive and exhausting. Keep in mind that not all divorce proceedings end in tears. Sometimes, it ends with a sigh of relief or ecstatic joy at the thought that the worst is behind you.

That is why it is not surprising to find that divorce meme is fast gaining popularity among divorcees. Poking fun and creating levity from such a stressful situation is ultimately an effective exercise in catharsis.