We are all familiar with the divorce. Of course, it has become so commonplace that it is virtually impossible to have not heard of it. Of course, it would benefit readers greatly if they had an idea regarding the process behind it all. With that, this article presents some of the basics of divorce in the USA.


Divorce is categorized under various legal terminations that all essentially mean the same thing, Divorce and Dissolution of Marriage, perhaps being the most prominent. It pertains to the process of obtaining a court judgment declaring that the marriage has been dissolved. Of course, as you know, once legally finalized, both parties are essentially free of their bonds.

Crucial Issues

The process itself can touch many different issues. For instance, the division of marital property often comes up. There is also the issue of the couple’s children. On top of that, there is also the issue of alimony, visitation rights, child support, among many other things. Of course, it all depends on the judge’s ruling and the specific circumstances involved in the case.

This is a basic overview of divorce in the US. Keep in mind, however, that the specifics of divorce laws may vary between the different states.

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