If you’re about to seek a divorce and planning to do it on your own, stop. Take advantage of a free consultation with a divorce lawyer and don’t go it alone.

When you go it alone, you risk losing out on important things that may be legally yours in a divorce. It’s easy to miss out on and you want to get what is truly yours.

Too many people today get wrapped up in fighting over things that don’t really matter and missing out on things that truly matter. From who gets the house to who gets the car and physical custody of the kids you need to make sure that your interests are represented.

Not all attorney’s work the same. Start by checking around and find a divorce lawyer dayton that will give you a free consultation. Your free consultation will last for approximately one hour.

Relationship Between Children And Parent

This is the time to present your case and explain to the attorney your side of the story. when it all boils down to it, a divorce is a business deal. You’ll divide the assets, including the children so that both parents are able to spend time with the children.

One parent will have physical custody and the other parent will have the visitation. It’s not easy, but it’s better than the kids suffering because of the fact that the parents are fighting and not getting along.

In rare instances, one parent may only get supervised visitation. This is typically done when one parent has a substance abuse problem or a physical violence problem. In these cases, the judge will do everything possible to help the relationship between children and that parent.

Attend A Free Consultation

Houses are often awarded to the parent that has physical custody of the children so that the children will have a place to live while they’re going to school. In many instances, the house will have to be sold and both parties will take a portion of the sale.

Just as no two people are alike, no two divorces are alike. It’s not unusual for parents to both attend a free consultation and try to work through the process together.

If the attorney takes the case he or she will be the intermediary between the two parties from there on out. The parties won’t interact with one another except when exchanging the children for visitation purposes. A divorce will take anywhere from 90 days to a year depending on the state in which they reside.